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richard green

Richard Green

Richard leads SPC International’s change and innovation management practice. His professional experience includes new product development, marketing and operations management with Fortune 500 companies including Montgomery Ward and Citibank-Diners Club, where he was responsible for new business ventures and product development.

Richard works with SPC client organizations to develop strategies for sustainable and strategic innovation and to improve organizational performance in marketing and management. Richard has worked across sectors and industries including financial service institutions, labor organizations, construction management and building trades, technology companies, and non-profit organizations helping them to innovate and shape more strategic and sustainable futures.

Richard has been on faculty at NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business and Fordham University. He is currently on the faculty of Pratt Institute’s leadership of creative enterprise initiative in Design Management and Arts and Cultural Management and New York Medical College.

His writing and research interests include: designing practice fields for innovation; re-designing healthcare; and designing practice based learning systems for executive and professional education.

Mary McBride

Mary leads SPC International’s strategic leadership and stewardship practice. She is an internationally renowned speaker. Her professional business experience spans several areas including marketing, strategic planning, design management, operations analysis and organizational development. As partner in SPC International and a citizen of the US and Ireland, Mary consults on innovation and leadership worldwide and is an executive coach to international business leaders in a variety of industries. Mary’s experience spans publishing and entertainment, financial services, technology, retail store development, apparel and packaging, product design and merchandising, and arts and cultural management. She has also worked extensively in the NGO and public sector with organizations as diverse as community service agencies, arts organizations, hospitals, schools, foundations, city, state, and international agencies.

Mary received her business training at NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business and also earned an MA and PhD from NYU specializing in Marketing Communications and Systems Analysis and Applied Psychology. Mary focuses on the development of leaders and their organizational systems and management structures. Her focus is on trust brand building and developing sustainable strategic advantage. Mary is currently the visionary leader of Pratt Institute’s Creative Enterprise Leadership initiative and Director of its graduate programs in Design Management and Arts and Cultural Management where she designs executive education for creative professionals interested in applying strategic management to leading innovative and creative enterprises. She was Director of the Management Decision Laboratory at NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business and on faculty in Applied Psychology and at the Wagner School of Public Service. She is currently also a Clinical Professor at NYU and a member of the European Professional Coaching Association.

Denise C. Tahara

Denise Tahara leads the SPC Healthcare leadership and innovation practice. She has written extensively on the strategic design of wellness and healthcare.

She is also Director of the Masters in Public Health Program at New York Medical College and Associate Professor of Public Health Practice.

Denise brings to SPC clients a focus on the strategic use of data analytics as well as expertise in quality improvement and the design and management of service delivery systems.  She has enabled clients to improve billing and collections and reduce bad debt expense.

Denise works with client teams to innovate and improve performance. She has helped to streamline the reporting and analysis of quality indicators and implement new methods to improve patient safety. Denise consults on team-based approaches to chronic disease management, educating communities about healthy lifestyle choices and maternal health practices; and increasing sustainability practices in healthcare.

Denise received her BS from Cornell University, her MBA and PhD from New York University and her CPA from New York State. While at NYU, she studied operations management and quality improvement with Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

Dante Clemons

Dante leads the SPC initiative in digital asset building and strategy. Dante uses her understanding of strategy to enable SPC clients to analyze a shifting communications environment and to position their brands and services for success across platforms. She assists clients focused on digital production across platforms and the management of innovation. Her experience includes work in healthcare, architectural planning and the arts. As digital product manager at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dante was responsible for digital product innovation and the production of the museum’s audio guide, MET’s unique, personal, self-guided experience.

In addition to her work as a Digital Production Strategist at Strategies for Planned Change, Dante is a Visiting Associate Professor in the graduate programs of the Design Management department at Pratt Institute where she teaches innovation and change management. Born and raised in New Orleans, Dante graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Architecture, graduated summa cum laude from Pratt Institute’s graduate Design Management Program and served on the Board of Architecture for Humanity NYC.

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