SPC facilitators work with clients to position their organizations for continued success. We know that every organization must innovate even its best practice. Our methods de-mystify strategy. We enable and engage organizations and their management teams to discover and design opportunities for innovative advantage.

We can assist your organization to define and deliver strategies for planned change in: leadership coaching; innovation and organization development; marketing and communications; talent development and team development.

For examples of our innovative and action oriented programs, see FutureCorp and The Whitman Cultural Center.


Strategic innovation requires engagement and action alignment. SPC facilitators can enable organizations to optimize their performance through dialogue and organized reflection. We help convene conversations that add real value and help align actions and agendas. Our process encourages teams to examine their assumptions about “business as usual” and to explore emerging opportunities to innovate and excel.
Training and Development

SPC facilitators make it easy to learn and safe to explore strengths and stretch steps. We believe that learning is the key to sustainable strategic advantage and critical to recruiting and keeping talent and aligning strategic intent.

SPC designs action oriented, business based development programs that enable participants to reflect on and address issues that can impact performance and success. We are leaders in educational design and experts in the design and delivery of development programs based on the real issues of participant firms. Our programs provide valuable insight to leaders that can help them develop themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Performance Coaching
SPC coaches work to improve performance, not to change personality. We are focused on the needs of the business and enabling our clients to meet those needs. We work with client organizations to determine when coaching is the best way to develop individuals and teams. We also help assess the developmental needs of the business and its leaders and managers.

Our process is solution focused. We work with client organizations to identify gaps in skills and behaviors that can impede success. We know that success depends on the ability to get accurate feedback related to tangible goals. We assist clients in developing those feedback systems and encouraging ongoing peer to peer coaching.

Communications Coaching
SPC coaches prepare our clients for a communications environment that is demanding more from organizations, their leaders and members. Success in this environment requires the capacity to design and deliver messages that inspire trust and encourage engagement. Storytelling has become an essential skill for brands and those who represent them.

Our communication coaches help leaders develop competency and confidence in their ability to communicate their individual messages and their brand narratives. Our coaches can also help shape strategic communications plans and prepare leaders for media engagement and interviews.

We know that in order to be effective communication needs to be authentic. Our coaches enable leaders to locate comfortably in a style that works for them and enables them to lead, influence, present, engage and inspire.

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